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During Spring Break of 2017, the GRC Marching Band will travel to Orlando, Florida.

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Orlando Trip 2016 FAQ

During Spring Break of 2017, the GRC Marching Band will be traveling to Florida. While in Orlando, our itinerary will include time at all four Disney World Theme Parks, plus a day at Universal Studios and the new Harry Potter Attractions.

Who is eligible to travel to Orlando?

All members of the GRC Marching Band who complete band camp, after school rehearsals, and finish the completion season in good standing will be eligible to participate. School administration will also verify that all students are in good standing before being allowed to travel. Current 7th graders who march as 8th graders and complete all requirements of the marching band will also be eligible.

Why is the band traveling?

Travel is an important component of any music ensemble. Travel encourages growth of the group, bonding amongst its members, and creates memories that will be shared forever.

How long is the trip? How are we traveling?

The trip will last 5 days, with three nights in a hotel. The band will travel during the night on the way to and from Orlando. Students will be separated appropriately after dark.

Will the band be performing?

The band is applying to march in the daily parade at the Magic Kingdom. We may also perform at Downtown Disney or participate in an educational workshop. We will not be performing the competition show.

What is the cost?

The Clark County Band Boosters will be paying for half of each student’s trip with money raised through our Sunday Bingo Program, and other fundraisers completed throughout the year. The cost to each family will be approximately $500. (Trip costs $1,000 per student total.

Is there fundraising available? What if I can’t afford it?

Our fundraising is already paying for half of everyone’s trip. We are counting on all families to participate in those just to cover that part of the trip. We are dividing up the payments to a very small monthly amount in hopes that everyone can set aside a little bit each month to make this trip a reality for your student.

What is the band fee next year?

All band students pay an annual payment to the Clark County Band Boosters (CCBB) to cover expenses related to the band program. Next year’s fee is $150. The fee is the same if you do marching band or not.

What is the payment schedule?

May 15 – $100             (50 is band fee, 50 is Disney)

June 15 – $100            (50 band/50 Disney)

July 15 – $100              (50 band/50 Disney)

August 15 – $50

September 15 – $50

October 15 – $50

November 15 – $50

December 15 – $50

January 15 – $50

February 15 – $50

Families must have band payments made and Disney payments completed before being allowed to travel.

Do I have to go on the Trip?

While all band students are highly encouraged to be in marching band and travel to Orlando, we understand that some families may have other spring break plans. The trip is not required – however, this will be the thing we will all be talking about for the next four years – we don’t want you to miss out!