NTI for Concert and Symphonic Band

The focus is on individual musicianship. Practice daily. Each band member will complete a practice log each week, as well as one additional assignment, for the duration of the hiatus from school.

Check out the video below. This is a good start on what/how to practice. I’ll post the other videos (scales, scale patterns, and etudes) later.

#1 – Practice Log

Complete the practice log.

Click here for this week’s practice log, due by Monday, March 23.

#2 – Intonation Chart

Watch the video on how to complete the assignment. Then, download your chart for your instrument, and submit by Friday, March 27.

#3 – Watch a free concert

Pick anything you would like. There is so much free content available right now. No need to submit anything for this. Just sit back and enjoy.

I recommend the nightly Metropolitan Opera Streams. New stream every night at 7:30! https://www.metopera.org