Solo and Ensemble Festival – February 15

On Saturday, February 15, the GRC Chamber Ensembles will travel to Lexington Catholic High School for the annual Solo and Ensemble Festival. All woodwind and brass players are assigned to a chamber ensemble and are required to attend.

Call time at GRC is 8:15am. Bus Leaves at 8:30am. We should arrive back at GRC at 1pm.

Call time for the home basketball game IN THE NEW GYM is 3:30. Game begins at 4pm.

Brass EnsembleGRC Trumpet Ensemble IGRC10:30 AM124
Brass EnsembleGRC Trumpet Ensemble IIGRC10:36 AM124
Brass EnsembleGRC Trombone ChoirGRC10:42 AM124
Brass EnsembleGRC Tuba TrioGRC10:00 A136
Brass EnsembleGRC Tuba/Euph QuartetGRC10:06 AM136
Brass QuintetGRC Brass QuintetGRC11:30 AM145
Euphonium TrioGRC Euphonium TrioGRC9:54 AM136
Flute TrioBarnesGRC11:42 AM144
Horn QuartetGRC Horn Coil IGRC11:18 AM145
Horn QuartetGRC Horn Coil IIGRC11:24 AM145
Saxophone QuartetGRC Saxophone Quartet IGRC10:24 AM148
Saxophone QuartetGRC Saxophone Quartet IIGRC10:30 AM148
Trombone QuartetGRC Trombone QuartetGRC10:48 AM124
Woodwind EnsembleGRC Flute Ensemble IGRC11:42 AM132
Woodwind EnsembleGRC Flute Ensemble IIGRC11:48 AM132
Woodwind EnsembleDouble Reed QuintetGRC10:30 AM138
Woodwind EnsembleGRC Clarinet Choir IGRC10:54 AM141
Woodwind EnsembleGRC Clarinet Choir IIGRC11:00 AM141
Woodwind QuintetGRC Woodwind QuintetGRC10:36 AM138
Ensemble I = Symphonic Band
Ensemble II = Concert Band

Author: Michael Payne

Director of Bands, George Rogers Clark HS