Author: Michael Payne

Director of Bands, George Rogers Clark HS

9 thoughts

  1. To always try their best and when we get difficult to keep going and respect each other. And be a good role model to the younger students.

  2. Don’t let it go to your head. It happens to the best of people, and nobody wants to listen to someone who goes power hungry. Remember you lead by example, not by position. Include everyone and learn to put your personal problems with people to the side, don’t let them affect your performance. Give off positive energy but still push the band to be the best it can be. Don’t let the responsibilities overwhelm you, you can do it. And remember, you’re there because you earned it. You worked hard for where you’re at and nobody can take that away from you.

  3. No matter how much you want to yell, scream and be rude to others, try to control it instead of being mean and rude and hateful to others. I think it would be best to make sure this band program continues to be a friendly environment for everyone. Try to get your point across in a positive manner.

  4. don’t let the power get to your head. be confident in everything you do, & do everything you can to make the band better as a whole 🙂

  5. Make sure the new marchers have a new place to call home and make sure everything dosen’t overwhelm you

  6. Don’t let power go to your head. Also, know the difference between being assertive and being mean. Anyone might catch themselves being mean in a leadership role. So make sure you have a good reason to be firm with somebody

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