Leadership Team (Week 2)

Question of the Week:


What area/aspect of the band program are you most interested in helping to reform/revolutionize/create efficiencies? Be specific, and elaborate!

Author: Michael Payne

Director of Bands, George Rogers Clark HS

11 thoughts

  1. For the new band season, I think it would be a good idea to improve the negative attitudes within the band. As leaders, it is one of our jobs to insure positivity so that we can have an efficient rehearsal, competition, etc. If we exhibit a negative attitude for followers, how can we expect them to still be positive? After all, attitudes are contagious! We are an influence to them and keeping our attitudes in check can easily help us motivate others to improve. I know we can do it! Stay positive!😃

  2. I think we should always make sure we’re physically and mentally 100% capable 100% of the time my concern for my band family is just as important as getting past 80% on the judges sheet as a organization we all need to help get each other to preform at the highest level of excellence

  3. We always need to have a positive attitude and treat others with respect. Even when we are having a bad day. And we will. And always put in 100% during practice, that way we can do better in competitions this year

  4. One thing I think we can improve on is respect. Not just receiving it, but also giving it. We need to have an environment where we can work on improving ourselves and not have to worry about debacles or other interruptions. I believe that this will help us tremendously!

  5. One thing I would like to improve is taking our activities seriously. Still have fun, but create a more serious environment to where we know when we can turn that “switch” on and off from a more laid back setting to a hard working attitude. Maybe it would create a more positive vibe if we all worked as a team together.

  6. I think it would be great if we improve the amount of respect given to each other and to make sure that we aren’t harsh and rude to one another unless it is absolutely necessary. If this improves it should improve how well we work together, which could help make our practice more efficient and produce better results at assessments and competitions.

  7. We need to foster a more nurturing environment that people can grow individually and we can grow as a band. We have, unintentionally, had a habit of putting each other down. If we all come together then we can achieve our goal: to make music. Another area we have lacked in previous years is clean up. That includes taking props and podiums in as well as our garbage. Often times people will say, “That’s not my section’s job” or “That’s the section leader’s job” or “That’s not my job, that’s the underclassman’s job”. That hurts us all in the long run. Also horn maitenence has been an issue. We’ve grown lazy, in the brass at least, about polishing our horns. As a whole we need to make sure to keep our instruments in working condition. One more big thing is uniforms! If you or someone else is having trouble then ask/offer to help! Newer marchers won’t always ask so if you see them struggling then politely ask if they would like some help. If you see someone who knows what they’re doing and they’re being lazy about putting their uniform up then, once again, politely say something to them. If you’re afraid to then tell someone who you know will address it kindly, we’re all here to help!

  8. We need to improve the respect, as Anna and Raven said. Not only for the marching season, but the concert season as well. Whoever steps on the podium should be treated with the same respect as Mr. Payne. We also need to improve taking the critisms from judges and work on making it better. I’m interested in making us into a better group with everything we do from anything as simple as picking up trash off sidelines or as big as 100% knowing our music and drill spots and perform them well!
    “A few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A world of optimism and hope. A “you can do it” when things are tough” – Richard Mdevos

  9. We need to improve on unity as a band. Many members have a habit of putting themselves on a higher level than others. Many also see band as an opportunity to “climb the ladder of power” than to achieve one goal as one unit. While it is necessary to have leadership personalities within the band, said leaders must know how to push a group towards its goal by being a part of the band themselves. This involves being on time to rehearsal with no excuse, partaking in jobs others may not find enjoyable, and even being set just a little bit faster. If leaders can’t give 150% and more, how can they expect the band such level of dedication? And many of us are guilty of these things, myself included, but I believe that is a reason this incoming band season is going to be amazing. To fix/improve a problem, it must be noticed first. And now that this has been noticed, it’s time to start acting on it, instead of just talking about it. I think a question we can all ask ourselves is, “how can we improve ourselves as musicians/marchers, to improve the band as a whole?” I know I could definitely work on going beyond giving just 110% and giving everything I have. What about you?

  10. I agree. we need to improve on respect. we also need to listen to what mr. Payne and what the judges say. if they say we need to place dynamics in places, then that’s what we should do, & not just stand there so we can improve our score from a 79.4. I have a really strong feeling that our score is going to improve greatly this year & I cannot wait to be apart of this team when it happens 🙂

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